Key Reasons to Choose Simsite®


INCREASE OPERATING LIFE TIME    Simsite®  structural composites outlast traditional metallics by years.  The light weight and durability of the composite makes it an easy decision to upgrade rotating equipment with Simsite®.  Operators in every industry are being asked by Management to get more out of their systems.  Upgrading their equipment with Simsite® is a cost-effective method of improving reliability, efficiency, and service life. CORROSION RESISTANT   One of the most important advantages Simsite® has over metal is its resistance to corrosion and erosion in salt water. IT is also excellent with most chemical applications and is not subject to damage by gasoline, oil or refinery by-products.

ELIMINATES ELECTROLYSIS   Simsite® is an inert composite which does not conduct electrolysis. Prolonged exposure to salt water will not affect Simsite® parts. The more inert products (Simsite® structural composites or Simsite® coatings) you put inside your pump the lower the level of electrolysis.

LIGHT WEIGHT Simsite® is much lighter than metallic materials – compared with bronze, Simsite’s weight is only one sixth!   The lighter mass means a substantial reduction in start-up load, shaft movement and shaft deflection, resulting in a much longer life for the bearings, mechanical seals, casing and wear rings, and sleeves.

HIGH EFFICIENCY DESIGN   All Simsite® Impellers and parts are 100% precision machined, which increases accuracy and efficiency.  Impeller vane shapes are contoured for maximum performance and efficiency.

EXCEPTIONAL MECHANICAL STRENGTH   The extraordinary high strength of Simsite® enables the composite to replace metal impellers and pump parts which are subject to corrosion, erosion, electrolysis and cavitation.

TIGHTER SEALS Simsite® Casing Rings and Wear Rings will not gall or seize like metal rings.  Therefore, Simsite® Rings can operate with tighter clearances permitting less leakage through the rings and increasing pump efficiency.  Additionally, Simsite® Casing Rings seal  against the pump casing preventing the “wash out” of the casing ring areas that is a common maintenance problem with centrifugal pumps.

REDUCES NOISE AND VIBRATION   Because of the high efficiency design of the Simsite® Impeller, its light weight, its noise absorbing characteristics, and its precision machined design, noise and vibration are reduced in the pump.

MAINTAIN THE OPERATING POINT Simsite® impellers guarantee by their exceptional resistance to corrosion, erosion, cavitation and wear, a reliable maintenance of the metallic impellers, Simsite® impellers show no degradation of their design point even after years of service.  Based of the unique properties of the Simsite material, the best performance is achieved after months of operation, as compared to metallics, which at that point are already deteriorating.

DRY RUNNING     Based on the chemical composition of this structural composite and its self-lubricating properties, Simsite® Impellers and Wear Rings allow dry-running for a period of time without any danger of damage.




To Choose Simsite® - Impellers and Wear Rings


The allround precision machining of the hub disk and shroud as well as the suction and pressure side of the vanes, which are calculated for optimal performance as well as optimal efficiency, leads to very smooth surfaces. So the very low boundary layer friction in the flow channels is one of the reasons for the high efficiencies of SlMSITE® impellers.
The property of SlMSlTE® to swell slightly in water has the following advantage: during the operation the throttling gap widths between impeller and wear ring or pump casing becomes smaller, which leads to a reduction of the gap losses and which is a further reason for the high efficiencies of SIMSITE® impellers.

SlMSlTE® is much lighter than metallic materials: compared with bronze its weight is a sixth only!
Service life of parts
The service life of SIMSITE® impellers and wear rings is approximately four times that of bronze ones.
High resistance to sea and brackish water and chemicals as well as wear caused by cavitation influences are exceptional properties of SIMSITE®
Galvanic corrosion
As SIMSITE® has no electric conductivity, galvanic corrosion with its detrimental consequences is excluded.
Unbalanced mass
The exceptional resistance to corrosion of SlMSITE® avoids corrosion and because of this there is no alteration of the impeller geometry during operation. A continuous increase of the unbalanced mass and its detrimental influences on shaft seal and bearing, which can arise with metallic impellers, is excluded,
Bearing load and bearing service life
The light weight of SIMSITE® impellers reduces the bearing load caused by the impeller weight and leads in this way to an increase of the bearing service life.
Shaft seal service life
Centrifugal pumps with SIMSITE® impellers run quiet and with low vibrations. This and the lower shaft deflection caused by the low impeller dead weight lead to an increase of the shaft seal service life.
Noises and vibrations
The allround precision machining with its high manufacturing accuracy and the extremely low remaining unbalanced mass, together with the noise-damping properties of SIMSITE®, lead to a very low noise level as well as a reduction of the susceptibility to vibrations with their detrimental consequences.
Based on the chemical composition of this structural composite and its self-lubricating property, SIMSITE®  impellers and wear rings allow dry-running for a short time without the danger of damage.
of the operating
SIMSITE® impellers guarantee by their exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear, compared with metallic impellers, a reliable maintenance of the operating point. These material properties are especially of big advantage in the case that the pumps run in part or full cavitation because of, from point of view of the hydraulic, bad arrangements of the suction pipe (which are mostly not avoidable aboard) and even then over a long operating time no remarkable cavitation wear may occur.