Simsite® is a patented structural composite material …offered exclusively by the Sims Pump Valve Company. It is a graphite combination-fiber continuously interwoven reinforced composite with phenolic/epoxy thermoset resin. Simsite® is designed using fibers in an interwoven bi-directional or tri-directional weave. Continuous fibers provide the highest strength and flexibility available on the market today. As a heavy-duty structural composite its characteristics can be tailored by our patented process to accommodate the required structural strength of the parts being manufactured.

Simsite® composites stand up better to corrosive environments, erosion, and cavitation then metallics or other non-structural composites and will significantly improve pump performance. Beyond performance, a look at total costs reveals that Simsite® composites are an exceptional added value. An evaluation of maintenance, spare parts, inventory, and energy usage, shows Simsite® composites to be the best cost option for most pump applications.


Which one would you choose?


Simsite®'s key benefits are its corrosion and erosion resistance, its cavitation resistance, its light weight (1/6 the weight of bronze) and it lasts 3-5 times longer than metallics. For more than 35 years SIMS has been manufacturing Simsite® pumps, impellers, bearings and rings of all sizes that exceed the performance of metallics in salt water and corrosive environments. Simsite®'s natural lubricity reduces wear on motors, bearings, and rings while providing quiet vibration free operation at a cost that is competitive with bronze.