Simsite® Structural Composite Pumps
SIMS Series 10000 NAVY Pump


"The only Pump that is Impervious to Salt Water Corrosion"

Sims Pump Valve Company is pleased to offer the following SIMS Series 10000, Shock Qualified Navy Pumps.  SIMS pumps and base plates are constructed utilizing Simsite Patented Structural Graphite Composite materials with excellent mechanical and physical properties, wear characteristics, and unsurpassed corrosion resistance.  Unlike metallic components, Simsite® Pumps and Pump Parts will not corrode or deteriorate in a salt-water environment.  Combined with our "heavy duty" marine service, shock qualified, sealed bearing motors, the SIMS Series 10,000 pumping system will provide years of maintenance free service.


SIMS Pump Company continues to prove its leadership capabilities with the design and manufacture of the first structural composite pumps and base plates to pass the US Navy Shock and Vibration Testing.  The above pump and base plate is manufactured completely from SIMSITE®, a patented structural graphite tri-dimensional weave fiber composite manufactured by the Sims Pump Valve Company, Inc of Hoboken, New Jersey.  This above pump is a 4 x 3 – 10 close coupled, horizontal pump designed for 500 GPM capacity, with a total discharge head of 100 feet at 1750 RPM with a 20 HP motor.  This size pump is good up to capacities of 800 GPM.  The motor is a redesigned and upgraded marine duty motor manufactured from ductile iron with a type 316 stainless steel shaft.  The mechanical seal is a cartridge type seal with silicon carbide against tungsten carbide faces.  SIMS chose this type of seal for reliability and ease of maintenance.


SIMSITE® is a corrosion resistant composite, which is impervious to attack from seawater and has been proven to outlast and outperform traditional metalics. SIMS does not cast or mold their pumps or pump parts; rather, they are completely machined from solid blocks of the structural composite. Because the pumps and pump parts are machined as opposed to being cast, internal voids, defects, and cracks are eliminated. SIMSITE® composites have the same strength on the inside as they do on the outside.

SIMS Pump Internals (Impellers, Casing Rings, Wear Rings, Bearings, Sleeves and Bushings) have been approved by the United States Navy for surface Ships since 1994 and have been approved by the German Navy since 1998 for Surface Ships and Submarines.

SIMSITE® Pumps and Impellers are custom engineered for high efficiency. Because the products are completely machined from solid blocks of composite, state-of-the-art CAD/CAM/FEA analysis and techniques are used to maximize performance, efficiency, and ease of use by maintenance personnel.

The back pullout design makes it extremely easy for maintenance personnel to check the casing volute or impeller without disturbing the piping set up.


The SIMSITE® pump is on a Shock test bed at the NU Labs site in Philipsburg, NJ. The pump must sustain nine (9) blows in excess of 200 G's of force in three different axis orientations while running, without being damaged or leaking.


SIMS 4x3-10 Series 10000, NAVY Pump

Customer: SIMS

SIMS Order No.: MO2769


Part Q'ty


Part Number SIMS Dwg. #

Material Code

1 1 Casing 27690101NSMS302 MO2769_0101 SMS 302
2 1 Casing Ring, Front 27690102NSMS375 MO2769_0102 SMS 375
3 1 Impeller 27690300NSMS302 MO2769_0300 SMS 302
34 1 Back Plate 27690400NSMS302 MO2769_0400 SMS 302
5 1 Bearing 27690402NSMS302 MO2769_0402 SMS 302
6 1 Electric Motor 27690600NDI316 MO2769_0600 DI
7 1 Sleeve 27690700NSMS375 MO2769_0700 SMS 375
8 1 Seal Cartridge 27690800NASSY MO2769_0800 Assy.
9 1 Frame Adapter 27690900NSS316 MO2769_0900 S/S 316
10 1 Casing Ring, Back 27690406NSMS375 MO2769_0406 SMS 375
11 1 Base Plate 27691100NSMS302 MO2769_1100 SMS302
12 4 CSK Screw 27690405NSS316 MO2769_0405 S/S 316
14 1 Impeller Bolt 27691400NSS316 MO2769_1400 S/S 316
15 12 Hex Head Bolt 27690103NSS316 MO2769_0103 S/S 316
16 20 Flat Washer 27690104NSS316 MO2769_0104 S/S 316
17 4 Hex Head Bolt 27690602NSS316 MO2769_0602 S/S 316
18 20 Lock Washer 27690105NSS316 MO2769_0105 S/S 316
19 4 Hex Head Bolt 27690403NSS316 MO2769_0403 S/S 316
20 2 Threaded Rod  27690106NSS316 MO2769_0106 S/S 316
21 4 Hex Head Bolt 27691102NSS316 MO2769_1102 S/S 316
22 1 O-Ring 27690404NBN70 MO2769_0404 Buna-N
23 1 O-Ring 27690702NBN70 MO2769_0702 Buna-N
26 1 Key, Impeller 27690302NSS316 MO2769_0302 S/S 316
27 1 Casing Support, Front 27690107NSS316 MO2769_0107 S/S 316
28 1 Casing Support, Back 27690108NSS316 MO2769_0108 S/S 316
29 1 O-Ring  27691402NBN70 MO2769_1402 Buna-N
30 4 Nut  27690109NSS316 MO2769_0109 S/S 316
31 4 Flat Washer 27690110NSS316 MO2769_0110 S/S 316
32 12 Lock Washer 27691103NSS316 MO2769_1103 S/S 316
33 12 Flat Washer 27691104NSS316 MO2769_1104 S/S 316
34 4 Hex Head Bolt 27691105NSS316 MO2769_1105 S/S 316
38 4 Hex Head Bolt 27690903NSS316 MO2769_0903 S/S 316
39 2 1/4"-20 Stud 27690409NSS316 MO2769_0409 S/S 316
40 2 1/4"-20 Nut 27690407NSS316 MO2769_0407 S/S 316
41 2 1/4" Lock Washer 27690408NSS316 MO2769_0408 S/S 316
42 1 Plug, Drain 27690111NSS316 MO2769_0111 S/S 316
43 4 3/4" Lock Washer 27690112NSS316 MO2769_0112 S/S 316
45 1 Plug, Vent 27690113NSS316 MO2769_0113 S/S 316
46 4 Hex Head Bolt 27691106NSS316 MO2769_1106 S/S 316
47 4 Lock Washer 27691107NSS316 MO2769_1107 S/S 316
48 4 Flat Washer 27691108NSS316 MO2769_1108 S/S 316
99 1 Frame Support 27690902NSS316 MO2769_0902 S/S 316