SIMS Pump Valve Company, Inc. was founded in 1919, and is located in Hoboken, New Jersey.  SIMS offers alternative and innovative solutions for Customers by upgrading existing metallic pumps & impellers and replacing them with SIMSITE® structural graphite composite Pumps, Impellers and Pump Parts which last much longer and are more efficient. 

SIMSITE® a patented structural composite manufactured by SIMS which Never corrodes in Salt Water, Waste Water, or Chlorinated water applications and is excellent for many chemical applications.  SIMSITE® products are gradually taking market share from more traditional materials and products in corrosive markets.

SIMS also specializes in solving pump problems such as imbalance, cavitation, corrosion, electrolysis, erosion, and radial thrust problems. 

SIMS manufactures SIMSITE® structural graphite composite computer engineered and generated pumps and pump parts which are 100% machined on 5 to 8 axis robotic machining centers.  SIMS uses state-of-the-art CFD techniques to engineer the vane geometries to maximize efficiency and performance specifically for the Customer’s System. SIMS can manufacture obsolete parts for any centrifugal pump with quick deliveries.

SIMS focuses on life extension, which is a very different concept from traditional pump manufacturers who make their money selling spare parts.

Advanced products, like SIMSITE,® a patented structural composite manufactured by SIMS (a machined structural graphite composite product which utilizes a tri-dimensional weave for outstanding mechanical properties), Never corrodes in Salt Water, Waste Water, or Chlorinated water applications and are excellent for many chemical applications.  SIMSITE® products are gradually taking market share from more traditional materials and products.

Instead of just repairing your pump, or replacing the old pump with a new pump of the same type or quality, SIMS Pump Valve Company, Inc. (SIMS) offers better solutions for Customers.  With most pumps and pump parts coming directly, or indirectly from out of the Country, the reliability and quality of materials and parts for pumps and pumping systems have substantially deteriorated in the past few years forcing Customers to replace or repair products much more rapidly.

Fortunately today, there are specialized engineering companies like SIMS right here in the United States manufacturing machined structural engineered pumps, impellers, rings, sleeves, bearings, bushings, and mechanical seals, which are computer engineered, designed, and precision machined (not cast or molded) with the objective of  maximizing longevity and reliability.

SIMS manufactures SIMSITE® Structural Graphite Composite Pumps, Pump Parts, Valves, and many other structural components, which are light weight, energy efficient, and stand up much better to corrosive environments, erosion, and cavitation than metallics, or other non-structural composites. SIMSITE® Products outlast and outperform other products on the market, and will therefore significantly improve performance and reliability.  Beyond performance, a look at total costs reveals that SIMSITE® composites are an exceptional added value. An evaluation of maintenance, spare parts, inventory, and energy usage, shows SIMSITE® composites to be the best option for most pump and valve applications.

Key Benefits of Using SIMSITE®  Pumps, Impellers, Rings and Pump Parts:

  • SIMSITE® Products are Corrosion resistant and Chemical resistant.
  • SIMSITE® Products NEVER Corrode in salt water, waste water, or chlorinated water!
  • SIMSITE® Impellers are Cavitation & Erosion Resistant.
  • SIMSITE® Products are Superior to all metallic Pumps in Salt Water, Waste Water and Chlorinated Water services.
  • SIMSITE® Pumps and Pump Products operate at Higher Efficiencies.
  • SIMSITE® Products are Lighter Weight 1/6 the weight of bronze, or stainless steel. The high strength to weight ratio of the engineered composite Impeller means a substantial reduction in start-up load, longer bearing and mechanical seal life, and less shaft deflection and vibration.
  • SIMSITE® Impellers have Perfect Balance and they maintain this perfect balance over the life of the pump.
  • SIMSITE® Products Eliminate electrolysis. These engineered structural composites are inert, which means that they do not conduct electrolysis and therefore save or prolong the life of the pump casing even if it is metallic!
  • SIMSITE® Products Increase performance, longevity and reliability!
  • SIMSITE® Products are 100% precision machined from one piece.  They are machined on the inside as well as the outside from solid blocks of the structurally engineered composite, which offers Superior Mechanical Strength, Perfect Balance, Better Performance, Smoother Surfaces and Longer Life.
  • SIMSITE® Impellers & Rings have Tighter Seals.  These engineered Impellers & Casing Rings will not gall or seize like metallic rings.  Therefore, they can operate with a tighter clearance permitting less leakage through the rings and impeller which increased pump efficiency.  Additionally, the composite Casing Rings seal the casing which prevents the “wash out” of the casing ring landing areas that is a common maintenance problem with centrifugal pumps.
  • SIMSITE® Products Reduce Noise and Vibration.  Because of the high efficiency and the precision machined design of the engineered Impellers, light weight, and noise absorbing characteristics of the structural engineered composite, noise & vibration are reduced in the pump.