SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Doors – Quick Open and Close

How many times have you had to open the ends of a heat exchanger to clean the tubes?
The SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door is permanently attached to the heat exchanger and can be easily opened and closed in minutes.  This Door is Light Weight and extremely strong.

With a SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door, there are no safety issues, and the job can take minutes instead of hours, or even days.  The LIGHT WEIGHT SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door replaces the heavy metallic cover plate.

The SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door is extremely strong, but LIGHT WEIGHT, and is permanently attached to the heat exchanger with a stainless steel outer ring and a stainless steel hinge.

The door can now be opened and closed in minutes by just opening 6 Wing nuts.
No longer do you have to rig the cover plate from the Heat Exchanger!  Many times these heat exchanger doors are in difficult places to reach,
or rig a metallic cover plates.  The other advantage of a SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door is that it will NEVER CORRODE!
The SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door is light weight, easy to open and close and NEVER Corrodes.  Without a SIMSITE® Heat Exchanger Door, the job involves removing 36 to 60 nuts, rigging a crane, and prying open a 4 to 5 foot metallic cover that weighs in excess of 2000 lbs. away from the Heat Exchanger, lifting the cover with a crane, cleaning the tubes, replacing the gaskets and rigging the cover plate back onto the heat exchanger, and re-securing and tightening 20 to 60 nuts.  This job can take days and is always a safety issue if a finger, fingers or hand should accidently become pinched between the door and the Heat Exchanger - the person will lose the finger,  or fingers.

    OLD TECHNOLOGY METALLIC DOORS  These Heat Exchangers in a power plant are 42” in diameter and have 36 fasteners securing each cover plate.  Each metallic cover plate weighs in excess of 1500 lbs