Under incentives to develop Commercial-Off-The-Shelf pumps (COTS) for Navy applications, Sims Pump Company designed and developed the first structural composite pumps to pass the rigorous shock qualification and vibration testing per Mil Spec 901D and Mil Std- 167-1. These pumps were machined from solid blocks of SIMSITE®, a structural multidimensional interwoven graphite composite developed by SIMS specifically for NAVY applications. The pumps also incorporate SIMSITE®‚ Cartridge Mechanical Seals, SIMSITE® Sleeves and SIMSITE® Guide Bearings.

SIMS Pump, Series 10000

1750 RPM Hydraulic Coverage

3550 RPM Hydraulic Coverage

SIMS NAVY Pump, Series NS /1800 & 3600 RPM Hydraulic Coverage