SIMSITE Pumps for Staten Island Ferries
The Staten Island Ferry is one of the New York City famous landmarks, which connects Staten Island with Manhattan.
SIMS Pump Company Delivers Non-Corrosive & Non-Magnetic Seawater Fire Pumps for the US NAVY
SIMS Pump Company located in Hoboken, New Jersey has designed and engineered structural graphite composite fire pumps for the United States Navy which are light weight, non-magnetic, and will never corrode in Salt Water.
November 2009 - Structural Composite Pumps Solve Corrosion Problems for Wastewater Purification Systems
Advanced Water Purification (AWP) Systems for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.
December 2009 - Re-designed Simsite® Impeller
Simsite® Impeller Surpasses Bronze Impeller Performance
January 2010 - Simsite® Impeller Save 20% on Energy Consumption!
CASE STUDY: US Navy T-AKE Class Central Saltwater
Simsite® Structural Graphite Composite Impellers and Rings Save 20% on Energy Consumption!