SIMSITE 6 x 4 x 13 Fire Pump for German Navy

This 6x4x13 Fire Ballast Pump was designed to be installed on the German Navy oil spill recovery vessel MV Bottsand. The MV Bottsand is used for cleaning up after any kind of oil spill and this SIMSITE 6x4x13 Fire Ballast Pump is an integral part in the recovery system. The pump is designed out of SIMSITE Structural Composite with a capacity of 150 M3/H at 130M of head with the motor running at 2900 RPM
and consuming 120 Hp.

SIMS is proud to announce that this pump has been certified by the
Germanischer Lloyd (GL). The GL is an independent third party that certifies maritime equipment to ensure safety of life and property at sea. The certification from GL also includes prevention of maritime environment pollution.
This Pump will be pumping salt water while in use. SIMSITE Structure Composite is
a smart choice for this application as it does not corrode in salt water.